These are “probable outcomes” based on our experience.


You’ll have better health
You’ll have a stronger immune system
You’ll have a more attractive personality
You’ll smile more and feel happier
You’ll feel better about yourself
You’ll be more enthusiastic
You’ll have more energy
People will like you more
A greater acceptance of yourself and life just as they are
A softer heart
More spontaneous kindness and understanding
Greater intuition
Greater presence in all situations
The ability to notice what’s going on within and direct your life in the way you want it to go
You’ll be better able to get out of your own way and get things done
You’ll feel more in tune with who you really are
It’ll be easier for you to come from your deepest self in situations
You’ll have better, clearer family relations
A growing sense of inner peace
The ability to experience without having to know how it all works first
A greater sense of inner safety and feeling at home within
Feeling less caught up in or overwhelmed by emotions
The knowledge that you can find your way through any inner pain or conflict
Less need to “fix” other people
Better ability to listen to others
Knowledge that you don’t have to be stuck in anything – not old, unresolved pain, not emotional baggage, not relationships that are painful, unloving or unfulfilling
The pleasure of contributing to the happiness of your family and ancestors
Greater power and ability to create the life you want

More fun Professionally:

Everything you’ve gained personally will support you in your sessions with everyone you work with A great way to make money and feel good about yourself and what you’re contributing to someone else Gaining the depth of knowledge and experience with TAT® to assist your friends, family, clients and yourself. Effectively help heal traumas, negative beliefs, emotional aspects of physical illness and much more. Access to recordings of past calls with Professionals

A listing of your business on the TATLife® website which includes:

Contact information
A brief description of your services
Your photo
Your education and qualifications
A link to your website
A Professionals discount on TATLife® products which you are then free to sell to clients at regular store prices
A Professionals discount on Basics of TAT® workshops with Tapas Fleming, and other selected workshops
Continuing support from our warm and enthusiastic professional community through an email discussion group for TAT®
Professionals only access to the Professionals Only website section which includes free downloadable support materials exclusively available to Professionals
The ability to market yourself as a Certified TAT® Professional
The assurance that you have been trained to the standards set by TATLife®

For more information on becoming a Certified TAT® Professional contact us at: