Jeanine DuBois

Certified TAT® Professional and Trainer

As a client said, “Jeanine has a real gift for listening, both to the client’s outer communications and inner self, to effectively facilitate each client’s goals and well-being.”

My work fosters compassionate healing and empowers participants to follow their chosen path.

I incorporate our precious grace-full TAT®
and when beneficial and desired,
my own complementary processes of
Boomerang Blessings and
Transformational Gratitude
along with energy work,
to gracefully assist folks in releasing blocks
and inviting their true self and radiant health to surface.

Through TAT groups, teleconferences, individual sessions, and Professional mentoring, I’m grateful to support folks in transforming and empowering their personal and professional lives.

I invite you to my Compassion’s Doorway website for current offerings.