Pam Lester

Certified TAT® Professional

As a TAT Professional, my intention is to support, to educate, to empower, and to encourage self-discovery. You will learn techniques to release the limiting beliefs and emotions that prevent your positive growth and change; to find clarity and confidence in the midst of chaos. Life is messy. Weight struggles. Job loss. Stress. Pain. Parenting. Migraines. Phobias. Procrastination. Grief. The list goes on… But you don’t have to meet these challenges alone. I’ll introduce you to powerful tools for rapid transformation, and you will truly love them because these tools are magicians you will carry in your personal tool kit long after our work together is complete. It would be my privilege to guide you to this place of peace, and to teach you to self-administer TAT for ever-expanding periods of joy and renewed health. To learn more, to ask questions or to schedule a face-to-face, phone or Skype appointment, just call or send me a quick e-mail.