My wife was depressed for over 30 years after the birth of our children. Because of her health situation, I went into counseling, for I was determined to find a way to help her out of her depression.

I was looking for techniques that could heal her and so I came into social work and from there into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I worked a lot with her using NLP, but still she was trapped in her Ddepression. So in the year 2000, Don Blackerbee from NLP told me to call Gary Craig. He convinced me to try EFT. On one of his videos I bought, I saw Tapas do a demonstration that pushed me into TAT. After more then 30 years, Chavah was healed from her depression just by using TAT. Nothing else had helped her so well.


About 4 years ago Chavah got the disease CMV, which is like chronic fatigue syndrome. She was convinced that this is something that you could not really heal that easily. She was in bed all day with pains. There were 2 friends that came to her and told her “no one understands our disease. If you need me, call me so we can talk about our disease and I can encourage you, for I understand what you are going through.”

I did not want to hear of this. So the first thing I asked her was, “Why do you not want to heal?” Chavah did not want to do TAT. “Just leave me alone,” she said. She was in terrible pain. I kept on coming back each day to find out why she was averse to healing and her interest in holding onto the disease.

Finally she gave in and we did TAT on each belief we could think of that stopped her healing process. After we had done all of the beliefs and she was going in the right direction, she wanted to work with TAT. So every day we worked on the pain or the thought that came in. The pains were traveling through her body, so every day she had pains in another part of her body. And the sentences we used were like, “Everything that caused (this back pain) happened.” So every day it was different. Each day she checked herself and than we did TAT on what was there.

Chavah healed in 8 months from CMV. And her 2 friends are still suffering. They do not want to hear about using TAT. Chavah is working now with me in our private TAT practice. She is in great health. TAT is so beautiful you just need to try it on every hardship you have. TAT is just simple and easy.