Within a life context that is much larger, TAT brought about the key shift that permitted my remarkable weight loss.

Relevant background:

  1. For several years I had been aware that whenever I became clear about, and got energetically aligned with, my life purpose, everything would fall into place for me. But I’d been thrown off balance by 7 home moves in the past 8 years, some fairly serious physical problems, and some rather big emotional traumas (all of which I’ve worked through with TAT).
  1. I had been somewhat overweight since childhood. The only exception was when I lost a lot of weight in the month before my daughter was born 43 years ago. (That weight loss occurred because I was in serious danger of eclampsia which endangered both of us. To deal with that, the doctor put me on a 600-calorie a day diet for a month.) Apart from just after my daughter’s birth, when I was at about 126 pounds, I had never been anywhere near what you’d call “trim.” And I hadn’t ever had a particularly strong motivation to change that. (I’m almost 69 now.) Also I hadn’t ever been particularly motivated to exercise. And I had a very long-standing pattern of buying way too much food, to make sure I had enough. So my grocery bills were way too high.
  2. In the past few years I’d been aware that I needed to release extraneous stuff: books, papers, clothes, etc, and I’d made some headway on that, but had felt very much hampered by not knowing what was right to release. I’d felt that I needed clarity on my life purpose/focus for the future before I could know clearly what to release.
  3. I was concerned that my practice was not as healthy as I would like; I could easily work with far more clients than had found their way to me.

What has occurred within the past month:

That turned the key. Everything became very simple and easy from then on. What I needed to do became apparent, and I proceeded to do it. Everything has continued to be simple, easy and joyful, and my body seems to be very happy indeed with the process.

Results so far:

As of now (remember that I started a little less than 3 weeks ago) I have lost at least 25 pounds, from about 155 to about 130. I do look trim now when I’m wearing clothes, and I’m continuing to release extra weight until I find my ideal healthy weight. I’m also learning how to live in my new way, understanding that I’m a smaller person now and that I need much less food–not only now but especially when I’ve finished losing extraneous weight and am establishing the “new normal.” I’m guessing that might be around 120, but I won’t know till I get there because I’ve never been at my ideal weight before–whatever it is! Please understand that I haven’t gone into anorexia, and there’s been nothing the least bit compulsive about this process. I’m feeling a sense of choice, ease, health, and rightness every step of the way.

I feel the most important “shift points” in this story have been: A) discovering and choosing to align with my life purpose, B) seeing deeply that getting healthy and strong, and releasing all the extra weight and physical “stuff,” are essential to my purpose, and aligning deeply with that motivation, and C) that one big TAT step.

Thank you, Tapas