During my first session with TAT, I experienced a long-standing, painful memory dissolve into a feeling peace and acceptance in a matter of minutes. The memory remained, but the tears and painful emotion that usually surfaced the moment I recalled this event, were gone. I knew I had found something really powerful.

Over the next several years, I used TAT extensively for all kinds of things and found that my first experience was very typical. It’s funny to think that when I first heard of TAT, I doubted it could help me at all and didn’t even try it until much later. It just seemed too simple to work. Boy was I wrong! Among other things, I have used TAT over the years to release stress and worry, improve relationships, eliminate allergic reactions and even help with physical healing.

For me, the clearest demonstration of TAT’s value came during a six-month period in which my sister, who is developmentally disabled, underwent 6 surgeries. I used TAT regularly to cope with the concerns, frustrations and stress that I felt and was able to stay in a calm and positive place to support her. I was also able to use TAT with my sister to help her prepare for surgery, release fears, sleep better and stay calm and comfortable. She soon learned a simple way to do TAT for herself and continues to use it regularly with great results.

I’ve also been able to stop allergic reactions in their tracks and recently eliminated an allergy to cats that had resurfaced in a big way. I’ve even used TAT as a kind of first aid, doing the Pose immediately after a fall on the stairs. It really helped me recover more quickly in all ways — the next day I had no soreness, stiffness or swelling and the large abrasion was quickly healed. I am really grateful to have found TAT and wish more people could experience it. It’s easy, effective and best of all, portable! I would really love to see children grow up using TAT to help them through life challenges and rough spots