My story is about a 19 years old girl who used to live on the 5th floor of an apartment building. At 11:30 at night, she tried to take something off of her outside clothesline. She leaned out too far and fell one floor down onto her neighbor’s clothesline.  She had her back against the building and her body got to be so stiff. All she could do was scream. The lady from that apartment got so scared that she closed the window… the girl screamed stronger and a man from the building across the way called the lady and told her that he could see the girl and she should open the window and pull her in. The lady did that and saved the girl.

The next morning the girl went home but she was in a bad condition: she was shaking, she couldn’t talk.

Her mom called me and I came to her house. I was a new practitioner and with lots of prayers I started.

Step 1: We called all the story by the name “fall” and we did step 1 on “all the traumas I have out of this fall.”

Step 2: “All have happened, it’s over and I’m fine and safe now.”

We did step 1 again with “the fall that led to these traumas”.

Step 2: “It happened, I am safe and fine now.”

After that we did more TAT Steps 1 and 2 alternately about all the thoughts and feelings she had up there at night and when we felt she is done we continued to all the other steps. It took us 25 minutes. I asked her how she is feeling and she smiled and hugged me.

The next day she came to me and said, “I had a big sleep and now I can talk about it.” We did more work about her fear and a new look on her life: “I had a miracle – I got my life back”. We worked about her new goals and before she went she said to me: “I feel like doing 2 things: learning TAT and going back to that apartment to see how high it is. ”

Her mom told me that that girl did so many great changes in her life.