Dear Tapas,

Do you know about the terrible flood in August in Taiwan that cost hundreds of life and destroyed several villages (most of them belonged to aboriginal people)? The most terrible thing was that many villages were cut off from contact with the outside without food, water or electricity.

Our government/ president responded too slow to the disaster and was not aware of the scale of it until it was too late.

I gathered all my students and their friends together and conducted a surrogate healing on behalf of the victims, their family/friends and all people working in the disaster areas trying to save lives.

I sent the suggested steps for this disaster to my students and asked them to circulate it around in advance. I set a time for us to do collective surrogate TAT together. I gave out the free download site of TAT Steps in Chinese in case someone who received the email didn’t know how to TAT. I also suggested to do a bundle healing for all the negative beliefs that I sensed and heard regarding this disaster such as ‘No one would answer my call for help’, ‘We have been forgotten’, ‘God has no mercy’, etc. At the end of this session, we sat in silence for 3 minutes sending love and light to the land, plants and all animals of those suffering areas.

This surrogate healing event took place on 18 August at 8pm Taiwanese time. I sensed tremendous healing happened during the session (my entire body was buzzing and electrified by powerful energy) and I saw the healing light went to all dark corners of the disaster areas that were still cut off and buried in the mud. We also received lots of help from light beings.

After the session, I spoke to a group of students who voluntarily gathered together to TAT. All of them sensed that very powerful healing was taking place. Due to the scale of this disaster, it seems we had to do a lot longer with each step before the sense of completion occurred. It took me 3 minutes or so for each step. Some students reported they stayed almost 5 minutes for the bundle steps and felt perhaps it was too much to shift in one go.

One of the students who is a clairvoyant told me a wonderful story: She said prior to our starting time at 8 pm, while she was still finishing her noodle bowl, a group of dead people walked in and shouted to other fellow dead ‘Be quick, tell everyone be quick, they are here and about to start’. The Dead all came in to receive healing. Like many others who reported to me afterwards, she also saw arms reaching out from the mud crying for help. She said they had all been taken by light and heading back to Source during the TAT session. I continued to do TAT for awhile on that Skype call with this group of 7 students. Based on their feedback, we shifted more beliefs for victims and themselves.

I received a few letters from students expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to be able to do something for the disaster relief. When things like this happen, the entire nation was deeply affected by the tragedy. Instead of being fed by the media with terrible news and images and feeling helpless, it is actually very empowering to be able to do something to help.

There were some students who tried to help too much and were not able to let go of the result as they continued to have terrible images and headaches. So I sent another instruction (more steps) following this surrogate session and suggested whoever had any symptoms after doing the surrogate healing should do some more steps to release whatever they were holding on to and to look after themselves.

This was an experiment as I have no previous experience of conducting a collective surrogate healing from a distance. I believe healing can cross space and time. I was inspired by the possibility of doing such work using the collective healing power in your Practising Presence workshop. So thank you, Tapas. I hope this healing serves all life, including the Dead and the land.

Blessings and abundance of love,

Shu-Fang Wang

TAT Professional and Trainer (click here for Shu-Fang’s’s contact and practice information)