For as long as I can remember I have always been bothered by bright sunlight and seldom went outside without wearing sunglasses. Even on overcast days, if the sky was bright I wore sunglasses, and when driving at night I used night driving glasses to cut down the glare. This was not a problem to me, and certainly I had never considered needing treatment for it; it had not occurred to me.

During the workshop, Tapas led the group in a treatment of the first allergic reaction from conception to the present, as a group exercise. I joined in with the exercise without any idea of this first allergic reaction. In fact I no longer have any allergy problems as the two which had caused me problems (tomatoes and onions) had been cleared at a previous workshop.

Holding the TAT pose during the first step, I had a clear picture of a baby in a pram (stroller) outside in the sunlight. In the later steps I had no significant results to report, except for the 6th Step (Forgiveness) where I had a brief thought that I should forgive my nanny. It was a very brief thought because my nanny, who looked after me so well all my young life and was about well into my adulthood, never did a thing wrong by me and I would forgive her anything anyway.

The workshop proceeded and I forgot about that particular exercise.

At lunch that day I went out to eat outside with some other members of the workshop, and it was not until I felt uncomfortably hot that I realised I was sitting in full sunlight and not wearing sunglasses! Since that day, I have driven across California, Arizona and Texas in the sun with no need for sunglasses. In fact I have never worn them since. Nor do I need night driving glasses. Does anyone want to buy two good pairs of sun glasses or a pair of night driving glasses!

Sensitivity to bright light is not in my definition an allergy, but working on my first allergy certainly seems to have cleared it completely.

It is worth noting that, back in the UK, I turned a corner and looked directly into a bright low autumn sun, and immediately screwed my eyes up and turned away. This shows that, even though I am no longer sensitive to bright light, I still have the normal protective reflexes that preserve my sight from over exposure.