On a beautiful summer day, over 50 people were together at the Boston Practicing Presence workshop, where we felt and witnessed the birth of a dream-come-true for many.

We divided into small groups to do TAT on what keeps us from being present with our family, and one group ended up doing TAT on prejudices they had experienced, both from the perspective of being the hater and the hated.

They later shared what happened with the large group.

Hearing their beautiful stories of healing resonated so deeply with the rest of us that we decided to do TAT as a large group on that subject. We did TAT on behalf of our ancestors and their being attacked by and attacking other groups, being fearful of another group, trying to hide from another group, and having to run away from or leave a country because of another group. We put it all in the “TAT Pot” and for the first two steps we said “everything that contributed to our resonating, identifying, and connecting with this happened” and then “it happened, it’s over, and we no longer resonate, identify, or connect with this.” We did the full nine steps, and prejudice fell away.

An occasional breeze blew through the room as generations of deeply embedded fears, hatreds, and negativity lightly and gracefully dispersed. It was so simple with TAT. People talked about “being raised to hate various groups of people” and that that’s how it was in their family. Others gave voice to feeling fearful and isolated from everyone who wasn’t “one of their people”. One person shared, “I don’t know how I forgave them (a group who had harmed her ancestors), but I did.”

The profound, resonant compassion in the room and our deepened connections with each other echoed in our hearts and included our ancestors and families.