TAT helped me recover from traumatic experiences of childhood sexual abuse by my father.

TAT was one of the many modalities that I partnered with to help me heal emotionally.

Here is one of my most powerful experiences with TAT…

Several years ago, my father was in the hospital suffering with a diseased heart. The night of his passing, I truly did not feel like I was able to honestly and with integrity be physically present with him and my family. I prayed and did TAT and found that indeed I would be most loving and most compassionate for his process by staying home, in my room, lighting candles, playing soft gentle music, and talking with him as he transitioned thru this life. I spent a lot of that time making a blessing card/ bookmarker for him too. My sisters and brothers kept calling…you still have time to make it, you could be here, are you sure you want to do this this way? I never felt more sure, more filled with unconditional love for him, for our relationship, and for my gift of offering peace to his process.

I attended the wake and the funeral. Before closing the casket in the church service, I was able to whisper into his ear that I loved him, and that I wished him peace and that I truly forgave him. I also slipped the bookmarker into his shirt pocket as I said my final goodbye.

It said, “Daddy, May the next phase of your journey be peaceful, gentle, full of love; May you see Beauty in all there is; May you honor your higher self. I wish Joy and Hope to you. I thank you for your gifts this lifetime. I forgive you. I thank the little soul in you. I see you smiling and joyful. I see you happy, healthy and peaceful. I pray your soul contracts were completed. I wish you love and forgiveness, tenderness and harmony forever more. Love, Velma Dawn”

I have no regrets of that night, I know that I was able to clear the emotional boulders of my relationship with him, to be able to see where my most reverent loving place would be. I know that I was exactly where I could be of the greatest service in that moment. TAT was a huge source of that strength and clarity for me.